Hello Everyone,
I hope this announcement finds everyone well as we navigate the stress caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. I am sure everyone is aware that Governor Waltz has just announced that all schools will be closed no later than Wednesday March 18th for a period of 8 days while schools implement plans for remote learning. Please read this entire notice regarding how we at Today’s Driving School are preparing to protect our staff and students during this crisis.
Because online instruction for driver’s education is not an option due to current rules and regulations with the Department of Public Safety, we currently plan to continue with our classroom and behind the wheel schedules. We need your cooperation and understanding during this crisis in order to protect our staff and students as much as possible. Your cooperation is critical and greatly appreciated.

  • We ask that any student exhibiting symptoms of the COVID-19 infection or have family members who are ill act responsibly.   Cancel your behind the wheel sessions or stay home from class, whichever applies to you.  Our customary cancellation fee for anyone cancelling within 24 hours of their session has been suspended. You will not be charged for cancelling BTW sessions.
  • Instructors are being given the discretion to remove from class or refuse to drive with, any student that is exhibiting symptoms such as coughing, soar throat, sneezing or runny nose during the duration of  this crisis. I hope that everyone will be responsible and not put our instructors in the position of acting on this authority. If your child is ill, please keep them home.

  • Last week we began a policy requiring all students entering the vehicle to wipe down contact surfaces with a disinfectant wipe prior to starting their session.
    • Your child should wash their hands prior to each session as well as when returning from their session as an extra precaution.

  • Instructors exhibiting symptoms of the virus will not be allowed to work. This has the potential to cause major scheduling issues and possible class cancellations.

    • A driving instructor must be licensed and pass through a vigorous hiring process that includes a background check, testing and training. This is a 6 to 8 week process, which greatly limits our ability to temporarily replace instructors that are ill. We currently have 10 instructors on staff, hopefully enough of us will remain healthy to prevent any delays or hardships in your child’s driver’s education.

    • You will be notified of any cancellations by email and/or phone.
  • In order to protect the viability of our school:

    • If we need to cancel or delay your child’s classroom or BTW education as a result of the pandemic, no refunds will be provided for anyone choosing to  switch to another driving school.

We understand that your child is excited to get their permit and driver’s license. Rest assured we will continue to do everything we can to help your child complete their driver’s education in a safe and timely manner.

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Thank you,