Today's Driving School Litchfield MN Classroom Education

Litchfield, MN – 30 Hours of Classroom Education

How do we go about getting a driver’s license for our teenager?
Minnesota uses a Graduated Driver’s Licensing system (GDL). The GDL is designed to ease young drivers into the driving environment.

– Step one: Obtain the learner’s permit.
– Step two: Obtain the Provisional License.
– Step Three: Obtain the “under 21” driver’s license on their 18th birthday.
– Step Four: Obtain their regular class D license when they turn 21. This license then needs to be renewed every 4 years.

To take the written knowledge test for a learner’s permit, teens younger than 18 years of age are required to attend 30 hours of classroom education.

We offer driver’s education classes in Litchfield, and many other locations, throughout the year. Please visit our schedule page to find a location near you that fits into your busy schedule.

Classroom materials, such as movies, worksheets, quizzes and tests are used to present the skills and knowledge your teen needs to know in order to become a safe driver. Students are encouraged to participate while reviewing chapters in the Minnesota Driver’s Manual and engage in discussion related to driver’s education.

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Litchfield, MN – 6 Hours of Behind the Wheel Instruction

Behind the wheel instruction with Today's Driving School in Litchfield, MN 56201

Back to the GDL system, step two for your teen is to get their Provisional License. Your teen will need to do two things before taking the road test. They must complete 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction with a licensed instructor and log 50 hours of supervised drive time with you or other qualified drivers. Behind the wheel instruction does not count as part of the 50 supervised hours of driving.

You may schedule your 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction anytime after your teen gets their permit. We strongly suggest that you drive with your teen for a minimum of 10 hours before their first session with us. We also suggest that you complete your last behind the wheel session no closer than a month prior to the road test. (Just in case weather or other unforeseen circumstances prevent your teen from completed their last drive on the scheduled date.

Home pick-up and drop-off is a great benefit offered by Today’s Driving School. If picking up and dropping off at your home doesn’t work, we are fine with other locations like school, work or a grandparent’s home. What-ever works best for you.

With each behind the wheel session, your teen drives for a full two hours. Our licensed instructor will follow a detailed lesson plan designed to introduce your teen to a variety of driving situations.

Your student will receive a driver evaluation sheet on their first drive. This allows you to see what skills have been practiced and receive feedback from our instructors via written notes and skill ratings. Don’t loose the sheet . . . we use the same sheet on all three drives.

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Flexible Class Schedules

How Do We Find Time For All Of This!
It can be difficult to find 10 days in a row for a teenager to attend class. To help out, our classroom education is structured to help you make up missed days easily.

Your teen must attend 30 hours of classroom education in order to receive their “blue card” or certificate of completion. If they miss a day of class, no problem! Missed days of classroom instruction can be made up at any of the other locations we teach. For example: If they miss day 6 they can attend day 6 anywhere we have classes.

Our Litchfield Location Services other Nearby Cities

Students from other cities are welcome to attend our Litchfield classes.

Nearby communities often serviced through our Litchfield classroom include Grove City, Forest City, Kingston, Darwin, Manannah and Greenleaf.

Our classroom instruction is held at the Litchfield Civic Arena, 900 North Gillman Avenue.

Driving School FAQs

What is Today’s Driving School?

Today’s Driving School is a friendly, locally-owned Minnesota driving school. No one in the area has a better reputation than us, and if you give us a chance, we’ll show you why.

At Today’s Driving School our goal is to help you gain the knowledge you need to obtain your driver’s license and develop life long good driving habits. Our instructors are licensed, and we offer you flexible scheduling, home pick-up and drop-off (for behind-the-wheel instruction), a bundle discount, and even flexible pay options.

With years of experience, we are knowledgeable and qualified to serve your driver’s education needs. Here at Today’s Driving School, teaching you to drive safely is our number one priority.

The easiest way to get the ball rolling is to submit an online registration form to immediately reserve your spot on our roster. Our friendly staff will reply with all the information you need to start you on your journey to getting your Minnesota driver’s license.  So, don’t wait, register right now!

What qualifications do your driving school instructors have?

All of our driving school Instructors are licensed by the Department of Public Safety to provide driver’s education in the state of Minnesota. To represent Today’s Driving School our instructors must first pass two tests administered by the state. After which they must pass an in-depth evaluation of both Behind the Wheel and Classroom instruction skills before being licensed.  Our driving school instructors then undergo our own detailed training in both behind the wheel and the classroom environment before they are allowed to instruct on their own.  Our driving school instructors are friendly and patient. They enjoy working with young people and genuinely care that all teen drivers are properly instructed in the safe use of an automobile.

What driving school packages do you offer?

We offer a Behind the Wheel Only and Classroom Instruction Only packages at affordable prices. We also offer a combined classroom and behind the wheel at the same time for a savings of $85.

Behind the Wheel Only Driving School – $315

  • 6 Hours Behind the Wheel Instruction
  • Three 2 hour driving school lessons
  • One on One instruction
  • Home Pick Up / Drop Off
  • Defensive driving structured lessons

Classroom Instruction Only Driving School – $160

  • 30 hours of classroom Instruction
  • Ten 3-hour classes
  • Flexible Scheduling for you busy teens.
  • Must be 14 years of age or older to attend class.

Combo Offer

Save $85 with our Combo Pricing! Just $390 when you register for both classroom and behind the wheel at the same time.

30 hours of classroom Instruction

  • Ten 3-hour classes
  • Flexible Scheduling for you busy teens.
  • Must be 14 years of age or older to attend class. They cannot take the Class D Knowledge Test until they turn 15, so we suggest that your teen attend class as close to their 15th birthday as possible.

6 Hours Behind the Wheel Instruction

  • Three 2 hour driving school lessons
  • One on One instruction
  • Home Pick Up / Drop Off
  • Defensive driving structured lessons

Additional Hours of BTW driving school – $105 (2-hour block)

By the Hour Driving School-Behind the Wheel Instruction for adults or teens.

  • Minimum of 2 hours for each lesson
  • One on One instruction
  • Home Pick Up / Drop Off
  • Defensive driving structured lessons

How can we contact Today’s Driving School?

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time with any questions you may have about our driving school. You can reach our driving school by phone by calling us at (844) 374-8315 or by emailing us at . We look forward to hearing from you, contact us today!