Check for Open Recall Notices on Your Car – It’s a Safety Thing.

More than 53.2 million vehicles are on the road today have open safety recalls. Some of which are life threatening. Are you aware that there are still millions of un-repaired Takata airbags on the road? Is your car one of them? Even if your airbag has been repaired, there are many other recalls that may apply to your vehicle.

Checking is Fast and Easy

Checking for safety recalls is as simple as visiting It is free and you do not need to enter any contact information, so you know they are not going to crush you with unwanted emails and phone calls. They simply want you to know if your vehicle has any open recall notices.

Repairs are Free

Repairing a recalled part is free of charge. You simply need to find a dealer near you and set up an appointment to have the recall taken care of.

So don’t put it off, enter your VIN or license plate number and check to see if your car has an open recall notice. You may just save a life.

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